Thursday, August 25, 2011

my love. my trust. and my care

our day
16th July 2011
'loving u is not a must, but is a task'

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


ya'allah. syukur alhamdulillah.

i wanted ipad for my birthday but i dont have the budget as most of it are used for my engagement day. but of course, was a little bit emotional sebab xde bday present pon and the best part, my fiancee was not here to celebrate as he had to went back to singapore for personal reasons.

so, ipad was just a dream and ya, i move on. later today, my mom wanted to get a freezer for raya festival in a few weeks time. so i drove her to harvey norman. so she choose the freezer and the auntie said, less than 1k, there will be delivery charge. hek, rumah sekangkang kera pon nak charge rm58. so we said, tggu skjap we find some other things to topup.

so we walk and walk to find any item that can total up more than 1 k. and i was so x segan, and said, "mama belila ipad2 kat fifi as bday present". she was like "brape". and i said "thousand four". and she replied "kat mana?". so yah, jumping joy tapi dlm hati x tau dapat ke x, bawakla my mom pg it department. auntie tadi pulak ckp it punya department xleh masuk satu receipt.

so mama belek-belek and i did my muka comel which mcm la umur baru 12 tahun tapi sebenarnya tak. and she said "ok la". i was jumping joy and very happy. and in return, i bought her a Sony radio for her room. kesian dok pakai analog lagi. semua dah digital.

maka, accomplish la, salah satu desire untuk tahun ini. Amin.....